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What you see is what you get.. What you read in this page is more likely what I am in person.. I don't proof read so expect a lot of typos.. :p I blog not to please your eyes but to express myself.. I blog what I feel, random feelings though; happy, sad, horny, hungry basta kahit anu.. I don't really know how to blog so it is safe to say that this is my online diary,.. I always follow back.. :)

"I think I just need to believe that it works. Love, couplehood, partnerships. The idea that when two people come together, they stay together. I have to take that to bed with me every night, even if I'm going to bed alone"

Penge PORN! ^______^

2 of my favorite volleyball players and if not one of the best open hitters too will play in one team.. just got real for Ateneo!

For those who don’t know them.. That’s Rachel Anne Daquis and Alyssa Valdez… Hit google or Youtube for more details! lol! Anyway the opening for the season 10 of the Shaykey’s V-league will be on sunday and I will be there.. :p Excitment is killing me kasi sobrang galing ni Baldo (Alyssa) then kailangan lang nya ng ka diagonal for the Ateneo team be lethal they can be since wala na si Cainglit (previous na ka diagonal ni Baldo) and I think Rachel is the best counter part.. Rachel stands 5’10 w/c is an advantage lalo na sa blocking at net situations.. uhg! Baldo is already a legend even way back high school when she was still playing for UST..I hate to say this but Ateneo will never be the team that they are rigght now if not with the apperance of Baldo in the team.. Not to take anything from the Fab 5 though.. I mean they started the climb to the finals each season but Baldo pushed them to the Championships! Baldo for me a a great find.. She can hit the ball like a man.. jump like an Olympian.. scoring machine.. heart of ateneo.. what else? heheh.. adn with the entrance of RAD in the team? I think Ateneo has the chance of winning this season again.. 3peat! but of course bilog ang bola.. and its a team sport.. volleyball needs 6 players on the court and that means Rad and Baldo alone will not be able to bring home the bacon..  ^__^

-hahaha I miss myself pag ganitong may laman ang mga sinasabi nya.. haha pede naba akong sports analyst? lmao!

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